January 17th, 2014


We are all Cosmic Farmers

excerpting from
The Children of The Law of One & Lost Teachings of Atlantis
by Jon Peniel

Chapter 10

Free Will, The Universal Law of Cause & Effect and The School of Prophets:

[pages 133-142]

You Can Take a Road to Anywhere
and Anywhere you Are, you Took a Road To

The next day, we began learning more about how the use of free will, and
Universal Law, create various destinies, and the paradox of it all.
“Having free will means you have the ability to choose the direction you will
go on the path that lays before you NOW. By choosing your direction, YOU bring
experiences into your life. This is where free will interacts with the Universal Law
of Cause & Effect.
Have you ever said to yourself, ‘I didn’t do anything to deserve this’, or, ‘Why
is this happening to me?’ Wallowing in self-pity with such attitudes is not only fruitless, it is destructive. Thinking that someone else, or something else, is responsible for your experiences is a trick of the separate self - an evasion of your own responsibility.
You are never really a ‘victim’ of circumstances. Where you are at right
now is where you have come to through the effects of your actions.

We are all Cosmic Farmers

All is subject to the Universal law of cause and effect. You reap what you sow.
A plant you water and feed will thrive, the one you do not will die. Take a good
broad look at the history of this planet and you can see this law in operation in all
things. The word ‘Karma’ is often used to describe effects that are ‘due’ from causes
that have been initiated. For example, getting killed could be called your karma
for murdering someone. Sometimes karma is more subtle, or complex, than that,
i.e.., being poor may be your karma for burning a village. Those who have been
trained in prophecy, and are at one with Universal Consciousness, have fully realized
and understood the law of karma, and can also know the details of such things
if they need to (if necessary in the flow of Universal Will).
When your personal wants and desires have your attention (‘at-tension’), you
are focusing on and empowering your selfish separate self, and thus thinking and
acting from that separate consciousness. When an entity acts thus, it acts in a selfish
way, and a negative cause is put into action, and the re-action brings its negative
effects. Likewise, when an entity acts in an Unselfish Loving way, a positive
cause is brought forth and positive effects result.
What have you created in your life and the lives of others?
When you initiate negative causes, you could be said to be accumulating negative
karma. When you get a negative experience coming into your life, a karmic
‘payback’ could be said to be taking place. The same with positive - positive out,
positive karma accumulated, positive karmic 'payback'.”
I must interject here that Karma is often misunderstood by people who really
haven’t studied or understood it. I knew a lady who vehemently insisted that she
had great karma, and her belief and “proof” of this was solely based in the fact that
she drove a new Cadillac and owned 2 houses. The fact that she had to see a chiropractor every day for years because of an accident she had in the Cadillac, “had
nothing to do with her karma” according to her. She was also a very selfish woman
who sought to hurt anyone who didn’t give her what she wanted. Having wealth
and ease is no indication of good karma.
Also, just because something awful happens to you doesn’t mean that you
have “bad karma”, or that the event is necessarily a karmic 'payback' for a negative
thing you have done. Oddly enough, karma is not the only thing that can be
behind an apparently negative or positive event. Negativity seeks positivity so it can
neutralize itself. Look at the lives of the great beings of history - the saints and
teachers, for instance. Would you say that because they were persecuted, tortured,
and murdered, it meant they had bad karma? No. Nor was it that they “had negative
thoughts that drew it to them”. The fact is, their very positive natures drew
such negative response, because this world is ruled by negative selfish separate
selves. The greatest beings have suffered the most. This also occurs because the
Universal Spirit forges its best tools in a fire. To paraphrase an old saying, “God
falls hardest on those he wants the most”.
The bottom line regarding the teachings on making sure that all your actions
are accumulating good karma, is this: you must be surrendered to the Universal
Spirit, and following the guidance of Universal Will. More about this later.
So how should we deal with “bad” experiences we have in life that aren’t
because we’re “saints”? The teachings say that when a “bad” experience is actually
a negative karmic 'payback' taking place in your life (taking the form of an apparently
bad event or a challenge), it is giving you a chance to learn from your mistakes.
As Zain said to me, “How do you re-act (your choice!) to what exists in, and
comes into, your life NOW?”
The best way for a person to react, is to see the lesson in the experience, realize
what life is communicating to you through this experience, and change. Such
a change will insure that the mistake will never be repeated, and thus your future
“nows” will be different.

Free Will and the Mind
Mind is the Construction Worker of our Lives

Zain told me I could attend a special series of lectures relating to my new studies,
and he recommended it strongly. It was quite an honor, because they were to
be given by Michiel, and only attended by elder monks. Michiel was very old
(according to Zain, far, far older than 100), yet he only looked about 65. I don’t
think anyone really knew how old he was. But speculations ran quite wild. The
ancient teachings indicated that with a combination of diet, meditation, and energy
techniques, a lifespan could be stretched like a rubber band, and that lifespans of
800, 900 or older, were not only possible, but should be the norm. Even the modern
bible indicates average lifetimes were that long for many of the characters in
the Old Testament. And now, in recent years, scientists are claiming this as a “new
possibility” with the right diet, supplements, and stress management. But I’m getting
a bit off track. As the head of the monastery, Michiel was more of an “Adept
monk’s Adept monk” (If we had been Catholics, he’d have been our Pope. If we’d
been Buddhists, he’d have been our High Lama.). Regardless of his youthful
appearance, he was very weary, and chronically ill, so these sessions were a great
strain on him. Because of his position in the order, and his health, I rarely saw him.
But even though he was in great pain, and so very old and weary, in the few interactions we had, he was still very kind and caring, and seemed to have a particular affection towards me.
During this lecture, he presented some of the Atlantean Children’s teachings
about aspects of the mind, separation, and free will.
“As I’m sure those of you here have all heard before, our being has two-fold
and three-fold properties. One of these is that we are a combination of spiritual,
mental, and physical aspects, with the mental realm being dominated by a brain that
is divided into two very different, and often opposing, ways of looking at things. The
mental realm is influenced by the other two aspects of our threefold nature - the
physical realm on one side, and the spiritual on the other - and the mental is sandwiched in between. On the physical side of the mental realm we have what the teachings call the self-body-mind. The Self-body-mind only grasps things intellectually in a non-abstract, separate, logical, literal, divided, polarized manner.
Essentially, to the self-body-mind, everything is clearly categorized into two separate
divisions - things are either yes or no, + or -, black or white, etc. [Author’s note:
very much like a modern computer]. And on the spiritual side of the mental realm
we have the Oneness-integration-mind which grasps things intuitively, as a whole,
allowing us to understand abstract things. Our ‘will’ functions between the two, like
a pilot, or captain of a ship, and allows us to act, or think, in any direction, and utilize
either aspect of the mental realm, or both. Free will is our birthright; it is an
inheritance - offspring of the Father (Infinite) and the Mother (Finite).”
Next he discussed the vital importance of mere thoughts.
“Thoughts are the very building blocks of physical experience. Please contemplate
in fullness the outstanding profundity of this concept: EVERYTHING
Every thing you can think of! Try to think of even one thing, that
wasn’t first thought of before it came into existence. A building? First someone
had to conceive of the idea of a building, then someone had to want a building, then
they had to figure out the details of how it would be, then the details of how it would
be constructed. Every single thing that you can think of that is not from nature,
was first initiated in the mind. Don’t take this lightly. You must realize it, not
just intellectually grasp it. When you think about it, it is really like magic.
Someone just thought of a building, and in relatively very little time really, it was
there. It is magic, just a slower reacting form, because it is dealing with a slower
vibration realm. You must realize that also.
Thinking about something
first gives it birth. Then thinking of it again, is nurturing it. It is part of the process
of bringing any thought or idea to fruition. First you plant the mental seed. Then
if you water it (by thinking about it from time to time), it will grow. If you don’t tend
your plant, it will die. This works in our favor, and against us, depending on what
our plant is, and if we discipline our mind.
If you have negative seeds, such as those planted by negative thoughts/emotions
such as jealousy, the separate self will use your programming and emotions to
constantly turn your thoughts to those seeds. This will provide constant nurturing.
Thus it will bring to bear negative fruits. What can you do to stop negative seeds
or plants from thriving within you? You can only “starve” them out by using your
will to discipline yourself and control your thoughts - redirecting your thoughts
towards the positive, every time a negative thought rises.
Unfortunately, when you are growing positive fruits, you do not have the
advantage the negative side has.”
“What do you mean by advantage?” asked the elder monk Pythagoras.
“I was just getting to that. The negative side has the advantage of the selfish
separate self using programming and strong emotions such as jealousy. This literally
‘grabs’ your attention and thoughts, urging you to tend the negative seeds. It
also has ‘habit’ on its side, with programming that unconsciously and automatically
thinks, acts, and dwells, negatively. To get positive seeds to grow, you must first
overcome the negative emotions, programming, etc., plus you need to work to create
new habits, new programming. When you are planting positive seeds of virtue,
such as becoming a more compassionate person, those too will come to fruition -
but only if you discipline yourself to mentally tend your plants regularly.
Remember, you are having to do this, not only without benefit of already having
positive programming, but rather, having to re-program against negative program -
ming. So, often times, making positive mental progress is far more arduous than
just sitting back with the status quo, doing nothing, and letting the negative side ‘run
with the ball’. You must really take control of your ‘reigns’ in order to change positively.”
“How can one overcome such odds Michiel?” I said. “It seems a herculean task
that is so difficult as to be virtually impossible.”
“It is not ‘impossible’ or I would not be standing here today. Certainly it is
hard. But just because it is hard is no reason to give up or not do it. And it can be
made easier, with the right training of thought patterns. It is a matter of developing
a simple habit - rather than constantly engaging in a struggle. In fact, you must
not engage in a struggle, which I will explain in a moment. If you use your will to
discipline yourself and control your thoughts, you can re-direct your thoughts
whenever your programming or emotions grab them from you to nurture negative
seeds. If you stop watering and tending your negative plants they will
eventually die. That’s all there is to it.
But you cannot directly
fight evil, or negative thoughts and feelings. You will lose to it because the very
nature of the fighting involves directing your thought energy towards the thing you
are fighting. Your thought energy then feeds it, sustains it, even as you seemingly
‘fight’ it. The only way to win is to starve out the negative - by not
thinking negative thoughts, or even thinking about it at all - and by
making progress in the positive. Because when the positive grows,
it takes up all the space, and doesn’t let the negative take root or grow.

Just like maximized food gardening, if you plant the right groups of good
plants, and you keep them healthy, the negative plants won’t grow. A person who
is filled with Unselfish Love, does not have selfish thoughts to fight against. There
is simply no room for them to exist, and no soil for them to take root in. In such
a manner does the mind ‘grow’ or ‘build’ all things in life.”

Free Will is the Construction Supervisor of our Lives

There was a novice student who had ‘wandered’ into the chamber sometime
during the lecture. I hadn’t seen him before, and didn’t know his name. He was
quite open and relaxed though, and Michiel didn’t seem to have any issue with his
presence. Out of the blue, the gutsy novice interjected a question.
“How do we insure that what we are ‘growing’ or ‘building’ in life, is always
the right thing, and will yield the right results?”
Good question, I thought to myself.
“While mind is the builder, will is the director of mental activities (kind of a
construction boss). You can lend your will to either your selfish separate self, or
your Inner Being. You can have positive thoughts or negative thoughts. You can
be destructive or constructive. But only through using your will in harmony with
Universal Will can you achieve lasting peace, in bringing balance, Oneness to the
spiritual, mental, and physical.”
“The Universe has a will?” the perplexed novice asked.
“Yes, the Universe is a being of sorts, not in the sense that you can understand
now, but yes, it has a will. It also has a consciousness, and a flow. It continues to
function in incredible synchronization and harmony. Only humans have gone out
of step with it.”
“How do you know what its will or consciousness is?”
“Different ways young novice. You will learn more in other courses son. This
is actually a session for more advanced students, but you may stay. Perhaps everyone
will learn more through your innocent presence.
Universal Consciousness can be further described as an awareness within each
being. This awareness is ingrained, or “pre built into” the mind, and when awakened
by the spiritual use of will, the person realizes their Oneness with the Universal
Spirit. This “imprinted pattern” is something like instinct, like how a newborn
infant already knows how to find a breast, and how to nurse. Although it’s far
more sophisticated than mere animal instinct, like instinct, it’s already there inside
you. It just takes the right stimulus to bring it out. It’s the same with Universal
Consciousness. If you want to awaken the imprinted pattern of that awareness,
you just need the right stimulus. And in this case, the right stimulus is applying your
free will, unselfishly. When you grow enough in consciousness that you begin to
make free will decisions that are unselfish, you trigger a response, and you instinctively begin to discover a new awareness - your Universal Consciousness.”
“Getting back to the basic concept of free will, Michiel, why do we have such
a problem with using our free will in harmony with the will of God?” I asked.
“The Inner Being in each of us is part of the Universal Spirit, and it thus represents
Universal will, and wants us to follow it. Unfortunately, when most humans
use or think about their free will (if they even think about it at all), they use it, and
consider it, as a means of doing anything BUT Universal will. They think of it as a
means of doing whatever their selfish separate self wants - regardless of Universal
will (God’s will). And doing what the separate self wants is usually the opposite of
Universal will. The separate self does not like ‘serving’ God - the separate self sees
it as a sacrifice of its own will. So most people ignore Universal will, use their free
will to serve the separate self’s will, and pay the resultant karmic price.”
“Which is...”
“Which is, for purposes of our discussion here, that we keep getting disillusioned,
and we keep suffering. But we eventually find that only by doing the will of
the Universal Spirit, by living in harmony with the Universal will, can we live in happiness & peace. Finally, in time, some of us begin to realize that our real will is the
will of the Universal Spirit, and that only by sticking to this do we ‘return to paradise’.
When we synchronize our will with Universal will, we then act only in ways
that make positive karma.”
“So basically just be a good person,” said the novice.
“Definitely yes. But this is a complex issue, and you are oversimplifying it.
Acting in ways that create positive karma may not always have the appearance of
doing something good. And doing something that appears to be good, may not
always create positive karma, it could even create negative karma. For instance,
you could decide that being charitable is good, giving away money to the poor is
good. That certainly is good in general. But consider this. Let’s say you come
across a poor man lying in the cold street, and he holds out his hand to you silently
asking for money to help him. You have choices to make. How are you going
to know what is best. If you are following the charitable route, you may give him a
great deal of money, thinking you are doing the right thing. But there are many
things you cannot know just by yourself, and you need Universal guidance to really
do the right thing. Sure, he might use that money to buy warm clothing, shelter,
create a livelihood, and live happily ever after. But he also might use it to buy drugs
or alcohol, and end up in a stupor in which he gets harmed or killed, or even does
so to someone else. On the other hand, maybe this man is psychologically ‘set’ just
so - and if instead of giving him anything, you were to scream an insult at him
instead - perhaps he would say to himself, ‘That’s it! I’ve had enough of this human
degradation!’, and pick himself up out of his self made hole, get himself work shoveling Yak dung, then continue to improve his conditions, and/or himself, and ends
up finally living happily ever after. So while yelling at him would have been the right
thing to do, to someone who just saw you yelling at this poor man, it would appear
that you were being cruel and heartless, not doing something good.
Some of these things can be known by an enlightened being trained in prophecy,
as you will be. But other things can only be known in the higher levels of consciousness outside the limits of our physical existence.”
“What do you mean?” the novice hastily said.
“There is a hierarchy of beings that are beyond us in consciousness, who have
left the physical plane of the Earth, or were never part of it, all the way to the
Source of the Universal Spirit - these include Angels, enlightened and saintly beings,
some of whom are our ancestors, and other Greater beings. They see and understand
these things better than us because of their state of ascended consciousness,
and are there to guide us if we surrender our reigns to the Universal Will. Thus we
can only properly make such choices, as the one in the example above, if we let
our Inner Being, with its ‘Universal Consciousness’, guide us intuitively.”
The novice spoke again, “How do we get to such a state that we can be guided
like that?”
“Humility, and Unselfish Love will bring you to Oneness with the all. There is
nothing that can keep you from Oneness with the Universe but your separate self.
Only through Unselfish Love can you make your will one with the Infinite One. And
by so doing, you will become a blessing to all who come in contact with you, for
they will be coming in contact with truth, their own essential being, The One
Universal Spirit.”

The School of the Prophets

Zain entered the chamber, to relieve Michiel, and lecture more about the
Atlantean teachings on learning prophecy. Michiel had done too much for the day
as it was. Zain kissed him on the cheek, and as he left the chamber, I bowed to him
out of respect, and in appreciation for his time and efforts with us. It wasn’t just a
gesture, or anything expected of anyone. Those kind of “rote” gestures weren’t
done at our monastery. But it just sincerely came from my heart, spontaneously.
As he shuffled out, bearing nearly half his weight on his cane, he stopped and
looked me deep in the eyes, then he smiled and nodded to me in recognition and
humble gratitude for my gesture. That was the last time I would ever see him.
Zain’s first words brought me immediately back to my earlier thoughts about
destiny (which we started this chapter with).
“There are those who totally believe in fate. They say all things are pre-destined,
and we cannot change them. Others believe that there is no such thing as
destiny at all - that we totally make our own reality. The Children teach that these
two concepts are a paradox, and both are true. The paradox is this: we have free
will and shape the future through our choices, but everything is pre-destined by a
definite flow/Universal plan/pattern. Impossible, yet true.
Humans are both One with, and “miniature” representations of, the Universal
Spirit. Thus we have the means to take responsibility and initiative in playing an
active role in creation. If you were in a city, walking across the street and someone
said, ‘Watch out, a car is coming!’, would you say, ‘Well, if I’m supposed to be run
over, I will be.’ And go on walking blindly across the street? Would that not have
been God telling you to watch out for the car? Most everyone agrees that if someone
warned them that a car was about to run them over, they would move. Yet
many times I have heard people forewarned of disaster, say, ‘If something is meant
to happen, it will happen’. These were people who didn’t believe in destiny, yet
they were making a statement as if they did. Of course, their comment was true,
in part, but it was being ‘rationalized’ by the person to the point of imbalance. Even
to the point of death. For instance, I have known people warned to begin moving
their habitats, told that an earthquake would destroy them if they did not move.
They were warned by monks with reputations of very high accuracy in such prophecy.
But the warnings went unheeded. Even though the people knew they and their
family might be killed, or at least injured and lose everything, they ignored it.”
“Because their selfish desire to not leave their land, certain possessions, or not
put out the energy it would take to move, etc., outweighed their Universal intuition.”
This is sad but true. In these recent times, I have met many people whom I
have warned of various events that would befall them if they did not take a different
action. I have, as Zain had, even warned of devastating Earthquakes, and been
ignored. There are people who would NEVER drive without their seat belt on, yet
they continue to live in an area where even scientists have said a disastrous earthquake will definitely occur, and could hit at any time. Yet people continue to stay there, using illogical rationalizations like “If something is meant to happen, it will
happen”. But as Zain said, they wouldn’t say that if a car was about to hit them.
Speaking of Zain, let’s get back to his lecture:
“On the other side of the coin, you have people who believe they totally create
everything in their lives, and can’t be affected by anything else. They believe
this to the exclusion of the Universal Law of Cause & Effect. Some even believe
Jesus’ crucifixion was the result of “drawing it to himself” because of negative thinking.
They’ll tell you that you won’t get cancer if you don’t accept the idea. I guess
that’s what killed Madame Curie - negative thinking rather than radiation. Some
will even go so far as to say you won’t die if you refuse to believe you will. Yet no
one has proven such yet. Some say you don’t need to eat to maintain a physical
body. Yet no one has proven such yet. If you really believed the way these people
profess, you could sit in the middle of the road, on a highway of blind truck drivers,
enjoying your dinner. You could walk up to a gunman who’s in the middle of robbing
a store, and take away his gun, because if you haven’t “drawn” violence to you,
you can’t get shot. And you wouldn’t even need to bother with stop signs, because
if you haven’t “drawn” an accident to you, you won’t have one. Yet I don’t see any
of these people who profess such beliefs, doing such things. Why not? Because
they still really know inside that it isn’t totally true. That things do happen to people
that they didn’t attract to themselves. But if you noticed, I said it wasn’t totally
true. Because, it is partly true. Things do sometimes happen to people that
they did attract to themselves mentally. And for the most part, we do create our
own realities, our own lives. It takes a great deal of understanding, and high consciousness, to fully grasp such paradoxes, and not think in an imbalanced manner one way or the other.
The Children fully understand, and teach the Universal Law of Cause & Effect
in all its paradoxical wonder. This law dictates the results that follow an action or
group of actions. Understanding this law is how a prophet determines what things
are past the point of no return, and are thus “destined” to happen regardless of
what else happens. The companion knowledge to this is understanding the subtleties
of free will.
How to read and utilize the revelations of Cause and Effect, and the projections
of free will, have been taught by the Children since the earliest days of fair
Atlantis. That is why we have sometimes been called the School of the Prophets.”
“Where is the School of the Prophets?” said the novice who was still hanging
Zain looked at him quizzically, then asked, “Who are you?”
Before the young novice could answer, Zain went on. “Oh, never mind. Look
around young one. Open your ears. You are in the School of the Prophets. It is just
part of the overall training received by the elder monks at our monasteries, or given
personally to novices or elders by Initiates of the Children of the Law of One who
don’t reside in a monastery.”
“So how do we learn and understand the subtleties of free will and its interaction
with Cause and Effect?”
“Contemplate it. Here is a good analogy to contemplate for now: Cause and
Effect works something like ripples in a pond. You throw in a rock and see the concentric circles go out from the point that the rock entered the pond. Most people only realize the rock was thrown in the pond, they don’t pay attention to what happens with ‘the ripples’. Even those who see the original ripples, usually don’t see beyond them. But if you watch the ripples closely, and keep following them, you see that the ripples may reach a shore, or a large rock in the pond, and then they bounce off and start making new ripples. And then the new ripples may even interact with the original ripples, or make more reflective ripples themselves. Human events are much like these ripples. One action sets an entire series of other actions into motion. And our ripples are interacting with other people’s ripples.
These actions can be very elaborately complicated. For instance, let’s look
again at the example of the beggar in the street that was used earlier. We said one
scenario would be you gave him the money, he got warm clothes, a new livelihood,
etc., and lived happily ever after. Wonderful. That would seem to be a positive outcome then, right?
But let’s follow the ripples further. What if his new livelihood
was making a special kind of glass that was impervious to changes in heat and cold,
that subsequently enabled scientists to develop a new chemical for killing insects on
farm plants, in order to help feed more people. But instead, the chemical had an
unknown reaction, that began a process of some kind, that created weather or solar
changes that started ruining the food plants, or created new diseases? Many such
things are in the ancient prophecies, and much, much more. And there will be such
so-called ‘innocent’ people being part of these developments. Or in another scenario
with the poor street person - what if you helped him, and he lived happily ever
after, and had children, and one of his children became a lawyer, who turned out to
be the next Hitler. Altering cause and effect is a very complicated matter with very
serious implications. And unfortunately, everyone is constantly altering it, just by
all the things they do in their day to day lives, and they are altering things by thinking
and acting from the virtually ‘blind’ point of view of the separate self.
Prophecy can be learned. Using discipline and concentration, techniques of
contemplation can be used to trace and interpret the complex ‘ripple’ patterns of
cause and effect. These techniques allow the outcome of events to be seen partially,
or sometimes, all the way to their final outcome. But like medical school,
there is a pre-requisite to ‘getting into the school of the prophets’. You must also
transcend the limited view of the separate self.”
“Then you will know all things that are going to happen in the future? Including
about your own life? And isn’t that fate again, not free will?”
“Both. Don’t forget it is a paradox. But also know this: there are two fields
of prophecy. The first is the prediction of pre-destined events. The second is the
prediction of events that are yet to be determined because they involve the free will
choices of one or more individuals.
The outcome of a situation involving free will choice is difficult to predict at
best - because you never know for sure what a person might choose - because they
have free will. Thus prophecy involving free will becomes what might be considered
in gambling terms as an ‘odds on’ betting game. Or in scientific terms as a
‘probability factor’. For example, when free will is involved you won’t be able to
predict that ‘such and such’ will happen for certain, but you may be able to determine
that there is an 85% probability that it will happen, a 45% probability that it
will happen a certain way, a 30% probability that it will happen another way, etc..
Predicting a free will choice becomes easier to call, and more accurate, if there are
factors that exist that will make the person ‘lean’ one way or another. For instance,
let’s say Jack is going to drive by a Chinese hitch-hiker tomorrow, and you want to
predict whether or not Jack is going to pick up the hitch-hiker. Let’s also say that
we know that Jack is not inclined to pick up hitch-hikers, and usually doesn’t - but
he has done it before on rare occasions. There is a ‘leaning’ that makes it more
likely that he will not pick up the hitch-hiker. We’ll say there’s maybe a 5 to 10%
probability that he will, given other factors we know about. But if you combine that
leaning with a stronger leaning, such as knowing that Jack also hates Chinese people,
he is almost definitely not going to pick up the Chinese hitch-hiker. Yet, he still
[Whew! And that example was nothing - first grade level stuff in prophecy school.]
“Then there are the situations and events that do not involve free will choices,
and can be seen and predicted for certain. Such is the case with Earth Changes.
Humans have caused such an imbalance as the result of their past free will choices,
that certain things will happen within the Earth, even if all the beings make free will
choices to try and repair the damage. Sadly, it’s beyond the point of no return, and
it’s just a matter of time before the ripples in the pond, finish their journey. Don’t
forget though, we can still change our own lives, and the effects of these things
which are past the point of no return, can be altered in various ways.
Some prophecy involves a mix of pre-destined events, and free will choices.
These types of things are very complex. Some aspects of the outcome will be certain,
but there will be variations of the outcome that are influenced by the free will
choices involved, thus the variations are uncertain.
Again, the only way to be able to know for sure that you are making the right
predictions, and the right choices associated with them, is for you to have surrendered
to the Universal Will. If you are thus living in a state of Unselfish Love all the
time, and thusly in tune with the Universal Spirit, you will both see far more, and
more clearly, as far as prophecy is concerned, AND you will be under the guidance
and direction of the hierarchy, and Universal Will. Thus all your decisions will be as
good as they possibly can be, and will be ‘right’ regardless of whether or not you
can see their outcome, or what the apparent outcome is.”
“If you live that way Father, then can miraculous things also happen?”
“Miraculous things are always happening. People just aren’t aware of it. But
to answer your specific question more directly, when you have thus become an
instrument of Universal Will, the hierarchy will sometimes do something through
you, or around you. Sometimes you will be aware of this taking place. Other times
things will happen through you, and you won’t even be aware of it, or you’ll just be
aware of some of the particulars.”...

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