February 10th, 2012


Dr. Keanu Sai lecture: the status of the Hawaiian Kingdom as an independent state

supported by facts and international law: Hawai`i is really an independent and occupied sovereign nation [state], not an annexed territory of the United States! a riveting/spelling binding -- nearly 2 hour educational and enlightening talk -- that anyone can/will understand.

watch/stream it online at:
  • http://video.hawaiinewsdaily.com/watch_video.php?v=B62D335M9GBG
  • download it here:
  • http://video.hawaiinewsdaily.com/download.php?v=B62D335M9GBG
  • Dr. Sai's PhD thesis, CV, publications, et al:
  • http://www2.hawaii.edu/~anu/
  • updates on the various lawsuits in international and federal courts:
  • http://hawaiiankingdom.org/sai-obama.shtml
  • http://hawaiiankingdom.org/