January 1st, 2012


Raising the Vibrations of the Planet

Dolly Mae:
We are here to raise the vibration of this planet. We are doing this by shifting our own vibrations. The holidays are times of joy vibrations and love.

We can use those higher vibrations best by:

Choosing what you think. Choosing where you focus. Choosing to act instead of reacting.

You are magnetic to similar thoughts, focus and actions. We know this as the Law of Attraction.

You choose what you think by turning off the TV, putting down the newspaper and stop listening to news. TV and mass media news is fear based and all about what someone else thinks. Sit down. Be still. Daydream. Meditate. Reflect. Drift. All these things put you in an altered state. In such a state, ideas bubble up from inside you. They are uniquely yours. You are creating.

What you focus on you will get more of. Constant input: visual, sound, touch and emotional, comes so fast, your job is to choose among them. If you choose the ones you prefer, you will begin to create a pathway of attraction of these joyful, fascinating things. If you choose to focus on ones that are fear based, you will attract more of them. You can find loving sources of news on the internet. (Email me and I'll send you some fabulous links.)

Your waking state overloads your conscious mind with stimulus begging for attention. You are thus obliged to train your mind to choose a focus among the many.

In your sleep state, your subconscious selects a single situation at a time as its focus and allows you to unfold it to a possible outcome based on your hopes, dreams and fears.

We are so much more conscious than only fifty years ago. There is so much more input and so much more awareness. More sensing. More variations. More choices.

We are successful in raising the vibrations of this planet. Did you know that if someone from the 1800's magically came into our time, they would see us as glowing beings? This is because we are vibrating so much faster now than those of the 1800's. We would appear as gods to them, strange beings, alien. They would be afraid. That is an option. Wouldn't it be ridiculous for them to fear us? And so it is ridiculous to fear beings vibrating at higher levels than we as they become apparent. Many already are interacting with such beings.

As we vibrate in a higher and high frequency due to light waves and deep space waves and consciousness waves, we have become what we once would have misunderstood and feared.

The world is changing so fast. Don't get caught up in the momentary fears. Ride the wave and you'll come to a new place of balance. Daily living is like riding a surf board now. Stay balanced and you'll come back to land after your emotional thrill ride and you will be whole and balanced.

Your choices make all the difference in the world. To choose Love over Fear. This is your greatest gift to yourself.

There is much joy on your path if you choose to look. Remember it's really and truly and short lived illusion. We're going to break through using those higher vibrations and what wonders we will know then, here, on Earth, with these bodies. Healed. Whole. Love based. Can't wait to see it happening. If you listen inside you, you can feel those higher vibrations. Sometimes they feel like butterfly wings. Some times you feel so full you can't figure out what to eat. Sometimes you create an imbalance (dis-ease) in order to take down time to adjust to the movement up this spiral ladder to a new vibration. It is an exciting time to be here.

Dolly Mae is an author, psychic and consultant.
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