September 17th, 2011


a free audible version of "The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and...

... Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies" -- in David Wilcock's voice -- is Most Highly Recommended!

you can get it via the 30-day free trial offer [see upper right hand box] at

or from The Source Field Investigations main book page at:

[got the hardback version of the book as well, but when this free trial of audible version came out, decided to try it and then simply canceled the free 30-day free trial after downloading the audible version of the book (and the supporting windows and palm treo audible players... audible supports players for the mac/iphones, android smartphones and other platforms, of course)].

the mind blowing, er, expanding, revelations/disclosures are most "enlightening"... 30+ years of research (with meticulous and verifiable references) are behind this material. they/it is the most stupendous as well as stunning since (and now supplants) Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe in The Truth of Our (mis-)perception(s) of what we "think" to be Reality... well worth the "listen" and/or read!