June 19th, 2011


Dramatic Video Evidence of Parallel Time Stream Bleed Through

Brad Johnson:
... there are literally millions of parallel time streams. Each one of them just as real as the one you are experiencing right now...

... the veils that separate some of these time streams are going to begin to thin to the point to where you can see though into the other parallel realities. It is yet to be seen weather or not the realities will actually merge or if we will be able to cross between them at will while be aware we are doing it. Where as now if we move laterally into another time stream, very rarely do we ever realize it. Sometimes some of us do, but most of us do not.

The first real evidence has emerged on the internet that this is actually happening. In China a parallel world was seen from the vantage point of a bridge and was actually filmed in great detail. In the news segment they call it a mirage. However, we all know that mirages do not look like detailed alternate skylines:
  • http://altimatrix.com/archives/951