March 3rd, 2011


Self Knowledge

Etta D. Jackson:
... To become a conscious entity on planet Earth and a true citizen of the Aquarian Age requires courage and a deep unquenchable desire to know one’s self.

And this knowledge of the self can only be revealed not taught to the individual by his own Inner Teacher who is the only true teacher and the reveller of the Mysteries of Life

How can one emerge from Darkness into Light, from Ignorance to Knowledge without an understanding of either…

Without this knowledge mankind will indeed perish…

The Forces of Darkness or the so-called Black Lodge of Adepts operate from the lower astral plane and have had its establishment on the Earth for eons and is far more firmly established here since the foundation for its power is separation and materialism, division and greed

Gladly, their power is rapidly waning due to the evolution of human consciousness…

The so-called Great White Lodge which consist of the Hierarchy of Masters have sought to bend human thought away from separation and materialism toward unity and oneness which has been difficult but is finally taking hold in a big way

This is made possible through the development of the human vehicle— the physical, emotional and mental bodies— giving man the capacity to hold the infusions of light emitted by the Masters of Wisdom into the minds of Man

Through humanity’s ability to decipher and to see the relationships and associations between one thing and another he is now able to make better choices and do so more consciously

Every adept who has passed through the Gate of Initiation knows the singular prize to be won at the end of his journey is: Self Knowledge

To accomplish this, one must have developed the capacity to first cognitively understand the concept of duality and how it manifests in form

He must come to know how and why the cleavage of the mind set up a kingdom on Earth in which oneness gave way to a perception that appearances are reality and anything that is different is not a part of oneness and should be destroyed

This lack of knowledge is responsible for the war, poverty, and unimaginable inhumanity the world has seen
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