February 27th, 2011


Thoughts on the New Human

Regina Meredith:
... The human species was never an organic evolution. Even Darwin questioned his own theories on evolution before his death. Far too many anomalies exist to look at such a direct and simple chain of events. Too many timelines are out of sequence on certain evolutionary developments of humans according to some of our other interviewees.

If we were engineered/hybridized to one extent or another at our inception, why would it not have continued and be currently in progress? Could it possibly be in the interest of some humans to have their DNA mixed with an alien DNA for some kind of evolutionary advancement in the future? A new kind of child is appearing on the earth today that is nothing like the preceding generations. Where are those changes coming from? Will there be a need for a different kind of DNA and body to foster their growth?

It’s been said that our soul has had, and will have, other experiences beyond what we understand as life on earth. Does it matter if we are in a hybridized vehicle through which to experience a given physical dimension? Though we are sovereign souls, does that necessarily mean that we have not made contracts with one another in the physical realm in which we choose to incarnate, agreements that may not be known to our conscious minds at this time? ...

... Is this to say there are not forces that have indeed been interfering with humankind by taking advantage of our amnesia as to who we are? No. I believe we have many different types of visitors who are simultaneously watching, helping and, yes, interfering with earth life. And, I do not believe that assistance from ETs is the only way in which our species is advancing or will advance. Many are doing so through their own spiritual, physical and mental practices. As David Sereda recently said, if an amoeba knows when to adapt to changing influences, then humans can adapt too – it’s all about light. ...
  • excerpts from http://www.cmn.tv/blog/thoughts-on-the-new-human/