November 11th, 2010


Changing Reality: reality is experience, and experience is reality

Serge Kahili King:
... There is a powerful clue in the first and fundamental principle of Huna. This principle says that "the world is what you think it is." Another more popular way of stating the same thing is that "we create our own reality." Most people who say this don't really accept it fully because they think it only means that everything bad that happens to them is their fault, and many who accept it with better understanding limit its meaning to the idea that they are responsible for their feelings and experience, and that if they change their negative thoughts to positive ones they will begin to attract positive instead of negative experience.

Shamans, however, go much further than that. We take that idea to mean that we not only attract experience by our thinking, but we actually create realities. By our assumptions, attitudes and expectations we make things possible or impossible, real or unreal. To put it another way, by shifting mindsets we can do ordinary and non-ordinary things in the same physical dimension that we share with everyone else. I repeat that shamans are not unique in doing this. Any uniqueness comes from how we apply it.

The way to change experience and be able to use non-ordinary abilities within a given reality is to shift from one set of beliefs (or assumptions, attitudes and expectations) about that reality to another set. It sounds so very simple, and it is. The most difficult part - and it can be extremely difficult for some - is to accept the simplicity, because that means changing one's idea about what reality is. The definition I am going to use is very simple. Reality is experience. It doesn't matter whether you believe in a world "out there," in a world of telepathic and energetic connections, in a world made of dreams, or a world oneness. Reality is experience, and experience is reality. Therefore, we can either do something to modify reality in some way in order to change our experience of it, or we can modify our experience in some way in order to change reality itself...(!)
  • Changing Reality by Serge Kahili King