September 25th, 2010


Forgiveness transforms matter into light

... the time is now for us to awaken from our slumber and remember who we are - to awaken from the dream of separation and remember who we are.

The way out of this seeming hell is through forgiveness.

First, we must forgive everyone and everything we perceive as 'outside' ourselves. Then we must forgive ourselves for ever believing that we could somehow be separated from Everything. It is impossible to exist outside of Everything. Only in dreams can one imagine being outside of Everything.

In the dream, there seems to exist resonance.

The resonance phenomenon causes similar objects to vibrate when they are brought close to each other. This attraction of 'like' objects quickens with higher frequencies and slows with lower frequencies - both directions continue until the two objects appear as one - the Alpha and Omega ARE One!

We see this effect in watching people, electricity, matter, planetary rotation, and seasonal changes... whether they occur every year or every 75000 years or every microsecond.

What is not well known is that forgiveness collapses time by changing the vibratory rate of objects that appear to be in the dream. Objects appear to reduce their 'mass' and ultimately this causes a reduction in the amount of 'mass' appearing in the universe.

Objects, (whether appearing as matter or energy form) resonate by molecules, atoms, or strings getting closer to each other for a while then oscillating farther away from each other at seemingly other times.

The more 'mass' they have, the lower the frequency of the attraction and repulsion. The less 'mass' they have, the higher the vibration frequency.

The same appears to be true with light also... and it goes higher than our senses can perceive it. The energy of the cosmos, dark matter, or 'ether' is vibrating so fast it appears invisible to us.

As we forgive, the attraction time of one object to another is shortened and thus raising the frequency of the vibration of the entire universe... up past the frequency of light and into Love.

The higher in frequency matter appears to vibrate, the shorter time objects spend close to each other in their oscilllation and the longer the distance they can communicate with each other. In other words, matter transmutes from what we would call physical into light
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