September 17th, 2010


seeking more Gamma and Alpha (while also enjoying Theta and Delta :D)

... Alpha brain wave states operate at 7.5-14 cycles per second and represent a relaxed state of mind. Lower brain wave states, Theta (4-7.5 Hz) and Delta (0.5-4) are physically inactive states such as deep meditation and sleep. The highest recorded brain wave state, Gamma (40+Hz), represents bursts of insight and has been increasingly observed in the use of higher cognitive abilities by children...

... Those able to express the body’s increased nervous energy in constructive ways, will find it much easier to start and complete projects they previously put on back burner of life. The ability to easily switch between Gamma and Alpha brain wave states will lead to greater creative insight as individuals need to calmly respond to a more challenging socio-economic environment. The key to benefiting from increased Gamma brain wave activity is to keeping a positive and open mind where new insights are integrated. Once the brain’s higher cognitive skills come on line, then it’s vital to be able to calmly integrate new insights into our lives.

By keeping an open mind and having a positive outlook individuals are most likely to succeed in dealing with the solar waves pouring through the giant hole of the Earth’s magnetosphere.
They will be prepared for the rapid increase in plasma energy that will increases levels of electricity in the environment, and alters human bioelectric systems and brain wave patterns. Individuals who adequately prepare themselves will literally become solar wave riders able to ride the waves of incoming solar energy to higher levels of creativity and life fulfillment...
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