August 17th, 2010



clipped from the end of todays Richard Russell's Remarks:
Lady GaGa is selling out personal appearances all over the land. The only reason I write about her (with pride?) is that she attended my Alma mater, NYU. The Gaga lady isn't stupid, and she's latched on to what people want to see and hear -- the outrageous -- and even more so -- the outrageously sexual. In Chicago, GaGa performed in a see-through fish-net outfit, which brought down the house. New York magazine interviewed the GaGa lady a few weeks ago.

GaGa: "I don't like LA".
NY mag: "Oh why is that, Ms.GaGa?"
GaGa: "The people are awful and terribly shallow."
NY mag: "Anything else?"
GaGa: "Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to play the game."
NY mag: "Huh?"
GaGa: "I'm from New York. I will kill to get what I need."

Sweet, huh? I think American kids, frightened and confused about the new "hard rain" world, see Ms.GaGa as an instrument of revolt. Ga Ga wants to shock everybody out of their stupor, and she's doing a good job of it.

Russell Comment -- I'm from New York too. NYC is the national testing ground. If you can do it in NYC, you can do it anywhere. New York is really the Big Time. Every place else is (I hate to say it) small potatoes. Russell, what's so unusual about New York? Answer -- that's where the BIG money is.

Oh yes, one strange thing about LA. When you walk into a restaurant, everybody in the place turns around to see who just came in. LA is pathetically star happy. You'd think after living there a year or two, people would get used to seeing real stars in the flesh. Today, movie stars are just like the rest of the US population -- they are unemployed and looking for work. Thus, the advent of the new movies containing half a dozen former big-name movie stars.