August 11th, 2010


have you accepted that everything you experience in this reality is actually just an illusion of ...

... separation designed to help you learn certain key aspects necessary for the evolution of your soul?
... Up until this point in time if a person wanted to work on distancing themselves from the ego (all beliefs that cause separation consciousness) the subject had to do a lot of work to raise their own consciousness frequencies to enable the layers of this ego to purge out.

Then as each aspect of this separation ego purged out, happenings and emotions from the past that where tied to these beliefs where forgiven. They where then dissolved as no longer being a part of who that person is.

However, it is no longer the case that the person has to do this work by becoming motivated and pushing forward with it. Why? Well because the frequency of the entire Earth and all realities that exist on it are increasing in frequency.

In other words the hard work to increase your personal frequency is no longer necessary. Whether you are ready for it or not, your frequency is increasing with the frequency around you. No one is immune to this. If you exist in this reality we call “material reality”, your frequency is going up right now.

Moreover, all of the energy systems in the body like the chakras and the subtle energy fields are actually where peoples emotions and energies are stored. They are not stored in the brain or the flesh.

There may be aspects of these things that end up being imprinted on your DNA, but the actual storage mechanisms for this stuff is completely energetic in nature. Consequently, they are hypersensitive to changes in the frequency of consciousness.

Any thing that a person has stored away in these energies that has a low vibrational aspect to it is going to be purged out to the surface of the conscious mind as your energetic operating system is upgraded. ...
  • excerpted from the excellent Aug 10, 2010 blog posting of: Prophetic Crop Formations Showing the Coming Time Line Segregation?