August 1st, 2010


Nothing is or can be owned by anyone as in truth there is nothing to own. ALL is Source!

... In terms of Universal Physics, Love is an energy reality,
a State of Vibrational Harmonization or Co-Resonance of
Frequency and this state of Being in Balance with the energy of Source
will allow one to feel Omni Love. The energy of Source is the ONLY
thing that can heal all things and therefore, when a being is able to
be in a state of balance in such a way, within Source - AS Source,
they become powerful tools for assisted healing.

Simply because of the Divine Process of Creation and the way that
manifestation occurs in this process, it is impossible for anyone to
experience anything, inside or outside of themselves, that is not
already held within the coding of their template. If we do not hold
the mathematical programming we will not experience it.

Understanding the reality of this and some of the creation process
allows us to remember that no can MAKE us feel anything or do
anything, experience anything that is not already a part of our
template. Understanding that allows us to empower ourselves to
remember that ONLY each individual has the ability to influence the
personal programming held in the personal template.

Everything in manifestation is a Symbol Code. Everything that we see
manifest, including our physical bodies, are symbol codes. Just like
the Divine Symbol Codes that have been returned to us to assist in
healing our templates.

The way that we expand and grow our templates energy hold capacity is
by drawing energy to ourselves from the Unified Field of Consciousness.
We draw energy to ourselves 24/7 and send energy out from ourselves 24/7.

Our templates are currently programmed not only with the Divine
Coding, that Source originally created us to be, but also with a
distorted program that was "put" in our template via the reversed
program that is running in this distorted hologram.

Like energy attracts like energy. We are pulsed 24/7 by the
reversed energies of the fallen angelics beast machine technologies
and since those reversed energies are the critical mass of energies
running in this time matrix, they will quickly activate the reversed
coding that has been put in our templates.

By working with the Divine Technologies, that have and continue to be
returned to us, we have the ability to spark and activate Divine
Programming held in our templates, that has become dormant due to
the reversals, and turn those Divine Currents back on.

The reversed program, that is running here, has been running since the
Atlantian Time Cycle. So those in our lives who lovingly teach us what
to believe as truth do not know any better themselves. They do so
because those reversed thoughts and belief systems, put in our
templates as part of the reversed program, tell them to do so. And it
has continued through each generation as such since Atlantis.

The false teachings that occur on in this hologram are indeed part of
the problem but not the root of the problem. The root of the problem
is the reversed program that everyone carries in their templates.

We create our reality via our thoughts. Our thoughts is what
manifests before our eyes and what we think we are walking around
within and what we think is solid, manifest, real. The only way to
change what we see on the outside of us or what we experience on the
inside of us is to change the thoughts that are manifesting
such. Since the reversed programming is what is currently running the
show, then we are manifesting those reversed thought patterns. The
biology has literally been used and tampered with to force us to
manifest some one else's thought forms.

The only way to heal this problem is to activate more of the Divine
Programming, bring it online and continue to spark it to a critical
The techniques that have been given assist us in being able
to do that.

In order for manifestation to occur, via the Eternal Divine
Manifestation Process, there must be polarity of energy. Polarity of
energy itself is neither good nor bad. It is Divine! But when a life
form becomes completely out of balance on the scale of polarity of
energy, the distortions that occur allow them to do things to
themselves and other life forms that would seem like bad
experiences. The key then is to remember what it means to be "in
balance with the energy of Source while experiencing as individual
expression within Source". Then to work as a co-creator with the
energy of Source to restore that balance.

When we are able to be in balance with Source, then we will be able to
send and receive Omi-Love for all life forms. The truth of the matter
is that everything and everyone in all of creation is already free and
always has been. Nothing is or can be owned by anyone as in truth
there is nothing to own. ALL is Source!

  • excerpted from:
  • What is Keylontic Science?