July 18th, 2010


Phase Transition

Steven M. Greer, MD:
An analogy from quantum physics -- a concept called phase transition -- is useful here.

If you take a container of helium and cool it down to absolute zero, it begins to boil and agitate very violently. Chaos and disorder increase even as some of the molecules begin to align coherently. At the point that only about one percent -- not 99 percent, but about 1 percent -- of the molecules within the container become coherently aligned, the entire field, all of the molecules reach a state of coherence -- super-fluidity is actually what it is called.

Helium then takes on these magical properties; it behaves very differently and the entire field of molecules is coherent. But just prior to that moment of extraordinary coherence is the point when it is most chaotic and most violent.

We are right now at that phase transition moment in the history of the human race. It is going to get more chaotic and seemingly more disordered. But what we need to see are those islands of coherence that are developing. We must become these islands of coherence and vision. And when enough of humanity has, a phase transition will happen and the field of human society will quickly transform.

So what is that good future going to look like? Luckily, the Architect has left us a beautiful blueprint, and all of us have that folded within us, and we can see it, if we choose to gaze with a steady vision.

We must learn to be seers, because to the extent we see it and understand, we will be vehicles for manifesting and creating this vision.

Humans are still going to be humans, but the excesses of violence and wars will have ended.

The great wars and the tremendous difficulties will be a thing of the past. Initially there will be a period of peace that is tenuous -- with certain rapid dogs firmly chained. This political peace will proceed widespread higher states of consciousness and enlightenment amongst the majority of the population. Ultimately, the only way to insure behavior that is not damaging to others is enlightenment. That is why peace and enlightenment go together...

... People will then be able to discover their Dharma, their calling, for what they can contribute that is most constant with their God-given skills and their innate capabilities and talent, as opposed to a survival level of subsistence out of necessity.

Thus, a civilization where people can pursue higher states of consciousness and enlightenment, will at last be possible.

The era of big urban-suburban areas will be over. Earth will be a globe of villages...
  • Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge by Steven M. Greer M.D., [pages 297-299].