June 23rd, 2010


Let the Testing Begin: “God falls hardest on those he wants most"

excerpted from The Children of The Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis by Jon Peniel [pages 209-210]:
When you decide you want to change, and you make the decision
to "go for it", to set foot on the path and devote your life to
the Universal Spirit, things start changing fast. In one way or
another, if you have essentially made such an internal
commitment, it is as if you have said, "OK God, I'm ready to come
back. I am ready for anything I must do in order to change, and
serve as a vehicle for you". And so the first step of your
cross-bearing path to the crucifixion begins. An intense flow of
heavy "tests" hits you. Trials of pain, suffering, and temptation
come one after another from all directions and sources in your
life, sometimes many at one time. Again, remember the ancient
text, "God falls hardest on those he wants most". An old lover
who you once wanted to marry, may call you up out of the blue
after 10 years, and they're rich, and they want to marry you.
Your father may die. Your mother is sick and needs you to tend
her night and day, and your brother is worthless for such
things. You get the best job offer in your life - but it would
mean moving away from where your path lies. Your grown child
desperately needs your help for some non-spiritual reason, yet it
is a worldly valid, or "normally" important reason - something
that you would be "obligated" to do ordinarily. You name it, it
will come out of the woodwork to lead you away from your true
spiritual path. You will only be able to pass by such
diversionary life experiences without falling by the wayside of
your path into a diversionary trap, IF: 1) Your consciousness is
expansive enough to see the bigger picture, to see the greatest
good for all people that you can do with your life if you stay on
your path, and, 2) You have the conviction to follow your path,
regardless of the things that try to lead you off. Then there is
the pain of following your real path that comes up.

Zain reminded me once, "The path is like a bed of roses,
flowers-thorns-flowers- thorns, but if one walks in the
footprints of those that have walked there before, the
masters/teachers, then one can avoid the pitfalls of the
thorns...and the flowers."

Your teacher is also a bed of roses, thorns and all.

"The true teacher is also part of the intense flow of tests you
go through. He draws out the things that keep you from Loving
Unselfishly - the negative manifestations and programming of the
selfish separate self - and then he reflects them back to you. If
you are open to this reflection of yourself, and use it to
change, it is a mild event, and will even be pleasant if you are
humble and really desiring to see the truth about yourself. But
if you are blocked, if you lack humility and resist seeing the
truth, the Universal Spirit will present the facts more intensely
through the teacher's Inner Being, to your Inner Being. The
degree of intensity increases in direct proportion to the degree
of resistance. And if you continue to be blocked to that, God
will teach you in even more intense ways, through life itself -
the school of hard knocks. This is much like the way a lightning
strike works. Lightning is created when electricity of one
polarity, seeks out its opposite polarity to find
'neutralization'. If something blocks its path, or resists as it
tries to flow through to its 'ground' polarity, then it will
intensely 'blow' its way through. But lightning will not explode
things in its path that do not resist its flow. Dealing with the
Universal Spirit within a teacher is similar. When the
teacher/student process of exorcism is happening, it is like that
lightning. If there are things in the student that 'block' the
flow of truth from the Universal Spirit, it will intensely
'strike' like lightning at the negative blocks. But if the
student is being open and not resisting the truth the teacher is
reflecting, and the Spirit finds no blocks, the electricity
passes through with little or no trauma, or actually becomes an
ecstatic experience.

So when something is presented to a person that requires a
change, they can fight it and things will get intense, or if they
let go, open up, and Love Unselfishly, a neutralization will take
place. The neutralization of negative coming into contact with
positive. The neutralization of light coming into contact with
darkness. This is the process of true exorcism that the teacher
performs. This can only take place if a person allows it
however. After all, everyone has free will. A person should want
it more than anything, and the more they want it the faster and
easier their work with a teacher will be. But in any case, a
person must 'let go' and let the process happen. And they must
WORK at giving, in their thoughts, words, and actions." ...