May 26th, 2010


what is GSAT's 27 Mhz of WORLDWIDE Harmonized Spectrum worth...

...if the US ONLY airwaves Clearwire controls are worth $20 billion (or more)?

How Craig McCaw Built a 4G Network on the Cheap
The mobile pioneer's Clearwire controls airwaves worth $20 billion or more

... The $5 billion Clearwire will pay its license holders for its spectrum over the next three decades is a bargain compared to what its rivals are paying. (Clearwire's $20 billion valuation of its spectrum may prove to be conservative; J.H. Snider, former research director at the New America Foundation's Wireless Future Program, puts the number closer to $50 billion.) ...

... Clearwire can count on its "oceanfront" spectrum holdings to remain valuable even if the company's retail efforts fizzle. For example, consumer electronics companies have recently been expressing interest in including Clearwire's service with Internet-enabled devices like computer tablets, Morrow says.

"A lot of spectrum is extremely valuable when you think about the exponential growth of mobile broadband data needs," says Sriram Viswanathan, an Intel vice-president and general manager of its WiMAX program. "Anyone that has more spectrum is going to be in a much better position." Or, as Belk puts it: "You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too much spectrum."