May 19th, 2010


Bill Gross's May 2010 Investment Outlook

the following is excerpted from Bill Gross's May 2010 Investment Outlook where he castigates The Rating Agencies:
... the blind faith in sovereign solvency has led to egregious excess in Greece and their southern neighbours. The result has been the foisting of AAA ratings on an unsuspecting (and ignorant) investment public who bought the rating service Kool-Aid that housing prices could never really go down or that countries don’t go bankrupt. ...
The Most Incisive comment he makes regarding The Rating Agencies:
... Back in July of 2007 some of you will remember my description of their role in the subprime crisis. “Many of these good-looking girls are not high-class assets worth 100 cents on the dollar. You were wooed, Mr. Moody’s and Mr. Poor’s, by the makeup, those six-inch hooker heels and a ‘tramp stamp.’” Now, it seems, I was a little long on humour and a little short on the reality. Tramp stamp and hooker heels do not begin to describe the sordid, nonsensical role that the rating services performed in perpetrating and perpetuating the subprime craze, as well as reflecting the general deterioration of investment common sense during the past several decades. ...