April 20th, 2010


everything happens (or dosent happen) for a reason & never an instant sooner than it needs/has to...

...nor a moment later than it should/must. there are no accidents or chances, everything, absolutely everything is an "on purpose" -- the question is then, can you discern/understand what/why said purpose or The Reason that something happens or not truly is. a great example -- excerpted from The Children of The Law of One & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis by Jon Peniel [pages 255-257]:

... About 25 years ago, we were moving to a new city. Since we needed new
cars, we flew there, and started shopping for cars. I went to a car dealer, met the
owner, and, as will sometimes “happen”, we got into a long and intense spiritual
and metaphysical conversation. He was a metaphysician, and practiced visualization
and “magic” to get what he wanted. We debated about the right and wrong of
causing things to happen yourself. It was a friendly debate. He argued his points,
and I argued mine.
“It is dangerous to take things into our own hands in the way you prescribe,”
I said. “You can’t know all the details that will be involved, and some could cause
great harm. To train to be able to make things happen metaphysically is one thing,
but we shouldn’t use powers directly, with our limited viewpoint.”
He said, “I disagree. We totally create our own reality, and if we are not trying
to harm anyone else, what is the harm in improving your own life?”
His arguments were perfectly logical of course, but greater insight goes beyond
that logic. I tried to explain the concepts of consciousness, hierarchy, and that
hierarchical consciousness was superior to ours.
“I believe we should just allow the hierarchy to work through us if they see that
it is necessary, otherwise, we can make trouble for ourselves and others.”
He, of course, disagreed. We were about to leave, but unbeknownst to me, a
lesson was in the works, in which the hierarchy would try to make the point to him
in no uncertain terms.
The car dealer walked us out to our rental car. It would not start. It was late,
about 11 PM by the time we’d finished our discussion. Along the lines of our
debate, he said he could make it start with magic, and it would be of benefit to us.
I know such things can be done, because I’ve seen it, and done it myself under
certain circumstances. But this wasn’t one of those circumstances.
“You’re tired and need to get to your hotel,” he said. “Now look, I can make
it start, and it will just prove my point.”
I believe he could have made it start under normal circumstances, but the hierarchy
was actually preventing it and he couldn’t override it. I knew the car was not
starting for some reason other than mechanical. At the time, I thought it was just
to show him he wasn’t as powerful as he thought, take his ego down a notch, and
perhaps give him a chance to learn a little more humility. But you never know. All
I knew for sure, was that I sensed the powers of light were at work, and that the
hierarchy didn’t want it to start for some reason, and that was good enough for me.
“There are higher spiritual forces at work here, Ralph. I know you are capable
of making it start, you don’t have to prove anything to me. But I don’t want
you to make it start. I am capable of such things myself, and I’d just do it myself if
I knew for certain it was right. But as I said earlier, I won’t interfere with what I
believe are higher consciousness forces of light, taking care of things.”
He tried anyway. It didn’t work. Finally, he gave up, and offered to lend me
one of the other cars on his lot. It wouldn’t start either. Then another. Then another.
Then another. These were not “junkers” either, they were new and barely used
BMW’s, Jaguars, Mercedes, Porches, Corvettes, etc. - yet nothing would start.
Finally, after about 20 cars, he was getting a little jangled (because of the
strangeness of this occurring after our conversation, and the ridiculous odds against
none of his fine cars starting).
“I’m really sorry about this. I don’t get it. I’ll drive you to your hotel myself,
and have your car ready and delivered to you first thing in the morning.”
Interestingly enough, his car started. But then, halfway to the hotel, it died and
would not re-start.
“This is ridiculous. It’s _____ unbelievable,” he said as he pounded his steering
wheel in frustration.
“I’ll go call my wife and have her pick us up. I’m really sorry about this Jon.”
“No need to be sorry - it’s out of your control. There’s some reason for this.”
He just looked at me with a frightened, perplexed stare, then walked off.
We were in a bad industrial area of the city, and he had to walk two blocks to
reach a phone. A half hour later, his wife arrived, and again we were off to the
When we got near the hotel, we were stopped at a roadblock. There were
ambulances, paramedics, police, and flashing lights everywhere.
“What’s going on???” We asked the police officer at the roadblock.
“There’s been a chemical spill of some kind. We’re getting everyone out.”
Ralph argued with the police in his typical NY style, “But these people have a
hotel at _________. And they’ve got to get there.”
The officer responded politely, even though Ralph’s comment was rude and
stupid, “That’s right near the center of the spill. I’m afraid you’re going to
have to find another hotel because I can’t let you in there.”
It was a seriously toxic chemical that was dumped by a tanker truck that was
in an accident with another semi. They had evacuated and hospitalized people in
and around the area of the hotel. Had the cars started, and had his car not broken
down, we would have been in the midst of it right when it happened. The next day,
all his cars started easily.
Who do you think it would be smarter to defer to regarding the actions and
events in your life, your selfish separate self, or someone or something like a
guardian angel - someone with far greater insight, who has greater wisdom, and the
best intentions for everyone in mind? I can’t tell you how many other examples I’ve
seen of the hierarchy to the rescue. And some of those times I had to look very
foolish. It was always worth it, whether I knew the outcome or not...