March 5th, 2010


unconditional compassion, sympathy, love & forgiveness


In our own case, once the pineal glands we were outfitted with by sixth density beings some 75,000 years ago finally go 'online,' as so many of us are just now starting to experience, our abilities will soon become vastly greater than anything the negatives can counteract.

The real key to this 'positive magic' is that you do not fear or hate those who would attack you.

Instead, you see the Oneness of all. Recognize they are you -- there's only one of us here. Love and accept them for who they are.
Be kind to them. At the same time, make a very clear boundary that you do not and will not accept what they are offering you. Tell them to go and leave you in peace.

That is the real art of how business gets done in the higher realms when you are attacked by shadow entities. They will literally run screaming when this approach is utilized. True compassion and sympathy for them sears them like throwing holy water on a vampire. ...


There may be multiple times each day where we do certain things, believing it to be entirely our own free will, unaware of the fractal effect that our actions are having upon the collective. For this very reason, you should never underestimate the influence and importance of every thought and action you take, every moment of every day. Thoughts of love, peace, acceptance and forgiveness have far more power than you may realize.

More and more people are getting 'synchronicity' experiences, such as seeing 11:11, 12:12, 3:33, 4:44, et cetera on clocks, license plates, odometers and such, showing us that our seemingly 'random' behavior is actually highly coordinated -- by forces most of us are never aware of.

An incredible number of seekers are just now awakening to the real, super-evolved and super-advanced entities who are helping guide us through this transition process.

Each of us has a 'Higher Self' that already exists in this highly-refined sixth density level.

Our sixth density Higher Self speaks directly to us through dreams, synchronicities, visions and other mystical experiences, especially in meditation.

This contact, already within you, is of far greater value than connecting with 'insiders' or someone like myself. To connect within, to make that bridge between mortal and Divine, is to truly fulfill your Universal Purpose. ...
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