March 4th, 2010


Why would an ascended being volunteer to reincarnate...

...back into the consciousness of a 3rd dimensional individual on a 3rd dimensional planet like earth when they know that they could risk forgetting all that they have learned through the process of ascension?

To raise the vibration of the frequency of the planet they incarnate on.

... If an entity is in the sixth dimension / density then their consciousness is no longer localized in time and space in any way. Beings at this level are in effect omnipresent.

Therefore, the sixth dimensional part of yourself is all ways present and connected to you through your subtle energies...

... Everyone has a 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensional aspect of them selves in this universe. This is where it gets into the weird paradoxical ideas.

When you ascend to the 4th dimension in the near future, you now exist in a reality where time is not a constant. The consciousness is effectively able to move through time.

This goes for all dimensions above this one in one way or another. Therefore, the part of you that ascends in a few years already exists. This is the higher self, it is you after you have evolved...

... The main priority for anyone should be to allow themselves to be in the moment with the least cluttered mind you possibly can have.

This way weather you are a wanderer from some other star system or a bear in the forest you can allow yourself to have a clear vector on what your instincts are telling you to do right now.

When it comes right down to it what you where when weather it was an ascended being or a Jester in the kings court, has really no bearing on what your higher self is trying to convey to you now.

Focus your intentions on connecting to the higher self and it will all sort itself out.
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