October 31st, 2006


conventional means of knowing, of analysis and communication have innate limitations...

Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications by Steven M. Greer M.D., page 60:
just as the full spectrum of light involves both seen and unseen elements, so also the full spectrum of reality involves aspects which are seen and unseen. this spectrum is, in fact, a continuum, or an integrated reality, and the distinction of seen and unseen is an artificial contrivance wholly dependent on the perception of the individual. that x-ray radiation went undetected by humans for thousands of years dose not mean that it did not exist as part of the electromagnetic spectrum until its "discovery"! similarly, the spectrum of reality is comprised of aspects which are both seen and "unseen", at least from one level of perception or consciousness. that there are aspects to reality which are not as commonly perceived as others dose not in any way compromise the integration of reality itself. for purposes of analysis and verbalization, it is convenient to divide reality into variously described components, but in so doing we must be careful not to confuse these artificial conventions with reality itself. conventional means of knowing, of analysis and communication have innate limitations which unfortunately become determinants of which we hold reality to be. but the full spectrum of reality transcends these conventions and is whole, complete and uninterrupted; it is present in its entirety here and now, no matter how fragmented and partial our perception of it may be. our predisposition to compartmentalize mind/body, material/spiritual, physical/transcendent is convenient yet false; it is at once an over-simplification and a complex confusion of reality. ...
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