September 8th, 2006


"one should have very few beliefs, but an abundance of faith."

Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge by Steven M. Greer M.D., page 58:
most of the problems that we have in our world today, whether they be spiritual and religious or scientific, political and economic, are all because people are holding onto some perspective that has nothing to with the truth but has to do with their own belief system and addiction to something that's outdated, and they can't let go of it. this is certainly true of scientists. there are countless examples of how the mainstream scientific community has rejected enormous breakthroughs because it didn't fit into their belief system.

this is why i say to people, "one should have very few beliefs, but an abundance of faith." you can have infinite faith- but the specific beliefs you hold need to be minimal. otherwise, people get trapped in brain-washed dogma, whether it be scientific or religious. they then become chauvinistic and egotistically attached to it. and as soon as that happens one has stopped searching for the truth.

we need a genuinely humble, universal spirituality. we must want to find the truth. and if the next door that opens cancels some of our previously held convictions and beliefs, then so be it. this is one of the reasons why, whether you're a physician or a scientist or someone doing spiritual work or an economist, the mind-set of being attached to an idea -- as opposed to being clearly focused on wanting to know the truth -- is a hindrance to finding truth. ...
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