August 19th, 2006


the three periods of destruction

Atlantis by Shirley Andrews, page 21:
... in the account of the hopi, who have inhabited the southwestern united states since before recorded history, overpowering episodes destroyed their three previous worlds, or homelands. like the other traditions, their descriptions of the three natural disasters correlate with the three disruptions of earth's crust that decimated atlantis in 50,000 b.c., 28,000 b.c. and 10,000 b.c. the hopi say volcanic action and fire were responsible for the first calamity. in the second, the earth ceased to rotate properly, teetering off balance, spun crazily around, and rolled over twice. during the chaos that followed, the twins who guarded the north and south axis of the earth left their posts and the earth careened in space, changing the shape of the planet before a new axis and a new world were established. it grew very cold and thick layers of ice covered everything. the hopi's third world was overwhelmed by water, correlating with the final fate of atlantis. they believe today's world is the fourth, and that it will be scorched by fire; three more worlds are to come...