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A *MUST* READ or WATCH: Glenn Greenwald's Speech to the Socialism Conference [w/ Transcript & Video]

Kevin Gosztola:
At the annual Socialism Conference in Chicago last night, The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald delivered a speech where he talked about connecting and meeting National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden for the first time. He spoke about being surprised by how he was young and how his resolve and conviction about revealing the inner workings of the NSA inspired him to be courageous and go out and report on documents he was given over the next three to four months.

Greenwald addressed how the NSA revelations have not only exposed the surveillance state of the United States but also the corruption and moral rot of American establishment journalism. He also left the audience with a message about not being afraid of the “climate of fear” the US government wishes to impose on those who would dare to challenge their power.

Below is a transcript of the part of the speech after he gave an introduction and warm-up, where he praised journalist Jeremy Scahill, who introduced him, and mentioned some of the things he thought about before deciding to sit in a chair at a desk for the speech.


… I would be remiss before I began if I didn’t acknowledge an extremely prestigious award that we at The Guardian received yesterday for the journalism that we’ve been doing in publishing the NSA stories. A lot of journalists and editors and the like have debates about what the most prestigious journalism award is—Is it a Polk Award? Or a Peabody? Or a Pulitzer? Those are definitely all prestigious awards, but I actually think the one we got yesterday is a significant level above them all. And I am very humbled and honored to have received this award.

The US Army announced yesterday that it was blocking access at all Army facilities across the world to the Guardian website in response to the NSA stories. And apparently the soldiers in the Army are old enough and mature enough to risk their lives to fight in wars but not mature enough to read news articles that the rest of the world is reading. But the reason I say that that’s flattering and I mean it. That is very flattering—is because I’ve long looked at journalism through this prism that defines the two polar opposites of what I consider journalism to be...
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