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from the keyboard of geoff goodfellow

A Vision of the Future

Dolly Mae:
Recently I did a meditation to see what the future would look like one year ahead, 5 years, 10, 50 and 100 years.

And the good news is it’s fabulous, golden, lush, freeing, creative, peaceful and glorious. All these changes to come are achieved through critical mass of consciousness having increased to the tipping point to create peace, love and joy as our reality.

Remember what we focus on becomes out-pictured in our reality as our creation. It will be all about peace and joy and love. So here’s what it looks like to me.

Within one year, I saw much more light in people, more awareness, more presence. More knowledge has become available to us about our origins, the way things really work in the universe and on Earth. More truth is known about all things currently held secret.

There seems to have been a release into a greater sense of freedom. There is much more education on important things like how we fit into our galactic family and how to coexist more peacefully with neighbors, coworkers and countries.

Within five years, there seems to be no mega centralized things like governments or banks or conglomerates. Things are much more decentralized and more effective. Small local groups of nine to fifteen people handle things; though there were larger intergalactic meetings like those shown in the Star Wars movies. Think of these as an intergalactic United Nations.

Dress was simple skin suits, metallic like or long white robes or lovely African, geometric or Polynesian floral patterns and colors. All clothes seem simpler and are close fitting like a skin.

Much more education happens. I don’t mean Math and English. I mean the real origin of our species. The place our Earth holds galactically and the reason we are here on Earth now.

After five years, there were no huge cities. Don’t freak out here as it’s all done by choice and by our intention. All the big cities were gone, the buildings had ‘disappeared’ not left abandoned like skeletons, but evaporated and not needed. Just as in Detroit, there are many abandoned buildings. If they could just ‘disappear’ it would be better. No war or catastrophe caused it; it was a natural progression of a need for change. There is no need for money handling, thus no banks or investment places. Government as we currently know it was essentially gone so no government buildings are needed. There is no rule by the elitists who make convoluted, distorted laws for their own benefit.

Healing is more advanced with energy, light, naturopathic and homeopathic treatments along with some allopathic (current doctor methods). Trauma was handled differently. Broken bones and such are the realm of allopathic medicine for a while, but infection and other imbalances are handled using new techniques without pharmaceuticals and destructive drug side effects. Many of these new techniques have been effectively hidden from us. The greedy manipulators having bought out the patents and shelved them, as treatment brings them huge profits and cures don’t.

Essentially all of today’s big business now is non existent. Life is so much different that stores aren’t needed because we have replicators for clothes, etc. (Of course someone will have to make and sell the replicators, so there must be stores somewhere. Maybe they replicate the replicators?) Air, water and land are cleaned… much more green parks, open spaces with paths. Huge amounts of leisure time, more ease, graciousness and joy and so much light. More awareness of Light too. No telephone wires. Instant communications without cell towers (perhaps satellite technology or higher kinds.) Telepathy has increased.

There is transparency on all levels of life: education, government, neighbors, intimate relationships, interstellar contact. Imagine there is a recording of all history that can be replayed at will.

You can do this visioning yourself through meditation and intention. If you think it is only your mind, then relax. All creation happens by envisioning, daydreaming, meditating, drawing and by creative intention that you're creating. Start creating now. It's your golden future that you're creating.
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