from the keyboard of geoff goodfellow (geoff) wrote,
from the keyboard of geoff goodfellow

in 2011, literally and figuratively, we are standing at the doorstop to a great new future

Scott Mowry:
... World events are accelerating at such a warp speed now that the pressure coming to bear upon the old paradigm of negativity, deceit and oppression is about to collapse in upon itself. Behind it will unfold the most wonderful and the most profound times ever in the entire history of the human race...

... What does all of this mean for you and me? Nothing short of a whole new glorious way of life for each and every one of us.

Now is the time to prepare yourself to live in an entirely different way –– one from the heart as we learn to let go of the outmoded processes of the mind such as thinking, rationalization and ego. But to instead, embrace the understanding that we are in the throes of moving from polarity consciousness –– literally from two minds: the conscious and subconscious –– into unity consciousness, with heart, mind and soul, all working in tandem as one.

How wonderful and how magnificent life will finally become.

The time for great changes is fast approaching and we can see the signposts cropping up as we head towards the home stretch...

... Enlightenment is a contagious phenomenon and it can affect as many as 100,000 others who come in contact with an awakened being.

Therefore, the ultimate prize we seek, the ultimate objective we can hope for, is to raise our consciousness towards enlightenment. All of these other developments are merely the benchmarks along the way that tell us we are moving along the evolutionary timeline in the right direction.

Simply put –– everything else in this human drama will pale in comparison.

The ultimate goal for each and every one of us is to reach the state of enlightenment so we can live in a constant state of bliss, no matter what is going on around us. How does that sound to you?...
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